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What happens after we pass can be a sensitive subject, but also an important one to address to ensure that our loved ones and assets are properly taken care of. Bill and Debbie Krause (Wills/Estate Manager) work as a team helping clients in this sensitive area of law. Debbie has amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience since she commenced at Bill Lyons Solicitors in 1998. Bill has been advising clients in this area of law for over 30 years.

The last thing anyone wants is to leave their next of kin to clean up a mess that could result in family feuds, additional legal fees and government charges. It is crucial to keep your Will up to date, as an out of date Will could potentially do more harm than good by allowing those you did not intend to be beneficiaries to receive part or all of your estate. Thankfully getting a professional Will done is a relatively inexpensive and painless process that will minimise those risks.

What we do for you:

  • Meet with you to discuss your circumstances and requirements
  • Draft your Will and send it to you
  • Once you have approved the Will we meet with you to have it signed and witnessed
  • A copy of the signed Will is sent to you
  • The original Will is held by us in our safe custody facility

Estate Administration is a large part of our practice. It requires not only specialised legal knowledge but also empathy and common sense. We have a deep understanding of the emotions and other issues that often surface when a family member dies and we strive to finalise matters with the minimum of fuss.

Enduring Power of Attorney
An Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA) is a document by which you give someone else the power to make financial and personal/health decisions on your behalf. “Enduring” simply means that the document continues to have effect even if you lose mental capacity.

If you were to become incapacitated and you did not have an EPA, the Public Trustee of Queensland (for financial matters) and the Public Guardian (for personal/health matters) could be called upon to make decisions for you. This would, of course, involve considerable expense to you and inconvenience to your loved ones.

Another reason to have an EPA might be that you will be away from home and need a trusted friend or relative to sign documents or make decisions for you in your absence. Of course, an EPA can be revoked by you at any time provided you still have mental capacity to take this step.

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